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For Uber, a Quiet Investor Becomes a Sudden Thorn
(KATIE BENNER @ 18.08.2017 06:15)
Benchmark, a venerable Silicon Valley start-up investor, is caught in a bitter public brawl with Uber?s co-founder, Travis Kalanick. It?s an unusual position for the firm.

The World?s Biggest Tech Companies Are No Longer Just American
(PAUL MOZUR @ 18.08.2017 05:10)
China?s Alibaba and Tencent have rocketed this year to become global investor darlings, inching up on Facebook and Amazon, as their sway in China grows.

A 2:15 Alarm, 2 Trains and a Bus Get Her to Work by 7 A.M.
(CONOR DOUGHERTY and ANDREW BURTON @ 17.08.2017 21:43)
Like many in the housing-starved San Francisco region, Sheila James has moved far inland, gaining affordable space at the price of a brutal commute.

Infosys Chief Quits After Battle With Founders
(HARI KUMAR @ 18.08.2017 22:22)
Vishal Sikka?s departure from the Indian technology giant comes just months after a similar struggle at the top of the Tata Group, a powerful conglomerate.

Bits: Farhad?s and Mike?s Week in Tech: Apple?s Big Media Bet and More Uber Drama
(FARHAD MANJOO and MIKE ISAAC @ 19.08.2017 15:00)
Two Times reporters discuss the latest events of the technology world, focusing this week on Apple, Uber and how tech companies took action against neo-Nazis.

Judge Says Waymo Can Tell Jurors That Uber Withheld Evidence
(MIKE ISAAC @ 19.08.2017 02:20)
A new ruling in a bitter legal battle over the future of driverless car technology could hurt Uber when the case goes to trial.

Trilobites: Taking Photos Won?t Take You Out of the Moment, Study Suggests
(STEPH YIN @ 18.08.2017 16:21)
Tempted to grab that once-in-a-lifetime eclipse snapshot? Feel free: Taking pictures helps people engage with and remember experiences more deeply, according to new research.

Tech Tip: Finding Your iPad Backup Files
(J. D. BIERSDORFER @ 18.08.2017 16:15)
If you opt to skip the cloud when it comes to backing up your iOS devices, you can store and manage the files through iTunes on your computer.

Tech Tip: Creating PDF Files on Your Phone
(J. D. BIERSDORFER @ 17.08.2017 16:00)
Recent versions of the Android and iOS mobile operating systems let you make your own PDF files from emails, web pages and more.

Hackers Briefly Take Over HBO Twitter Accounts
(JOHN KOBLIN @ 17.08.2017 07:47)
Although the damage appeared limited to a few taunting posts, it came after a string of deeper, but apparently unrelated, breaches.



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